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There’s something so cozy and inviting about small homes. They are warm and comforting and make it easier to nest. For most people, the only drawback is the lack of storage space at times or the feeling of no privacy if you live with a partner. Luckily, there are ways to remedy this that’ll make your home a far more efficient living space. If you have a rather small home and are looking for innovative ways to utilize the limited space, then look no further. Here we have some tips and tricks that every small homeowner should know.

Read on to learn the 6 architectural ideas that are perfect for your dream small home.

1. Multiple Purposes Per Room

We tend to think of each room as having a specific role. Bedrooms are for sleeping, offices are for work, etc. However, small houses don’t have to fall into such categories. There are so many modern architectural designs that you can implement to customize your home and make it far more practical and spacious. For instance, a study to store all your electrical equipment such as phone chargers and laptops doesn’t need its own room. You can make use of an area in the kitchen by building cupboards for all the items. Having cupboards with pull-out desks built in will make it easier to mentally leave the workload when you’re done as well. If you’d like a utility room to keep your cleaning products, you can build a long, deep cupboard between the kitchen and living room to work as a room divider.

2. Multi-Use Furnishings and Fittings

You don’t have to choose between a shower or a bath in a small house. Contemporary architecture deems every bathroom worthy of both. Each fitting and furniture piece can hold more than one purpose and today, giving furnishings more than one role makes creating efficient space in a small home easy. Another great architectural idea is giving the walls more purpose. Make use of every inch with shelves, hide storage within paneled walls, and create wall niches to discover more space. Lastly, consider building more wall cavities as they can be used for many things like a place for laundry or build one in your shower to store all your toiletries.

3. Smaller Appliances

Bigger is not always better. In fact, many good things come in small sizes. Today’s small and innovative home has plenty of small appliances that do not compromise on practicality and functionality. The architectural gurus at reveal that you can purchase the quietest air conditioners, sliding window air conditions, energy-efficient space-saving heaters, and even ventless heaters all with the utmost quality and appropriate sizes to match your small home.

4. Unconventional Storage Spaces

When building or designing a small home, you must follow this tip: creating unconventional storage spaces. Placing bins around as well as overhead bins will make storage much easier. Look for opportunities to create plenty of cabinets such as turning each step of your staircase into a drawer. The best architects suggest concealing things behind easily accessible cabinetry and creating storage space in the steps of your staircase will provide you with so much more room than you anticipated.

5. The Power of Mirrors

Another great idea that has more to do with architectural design rather than construction is harvesting the power of mirrors. You’ve got your unconventional storage spaces and cabinets; you’ve got your multi-purpose rooms with its small appliances; you’ve definitely resolved any issues that could cramp up your home. But, there’s one more thing that completes the look. Any owner of a small home can attest to the fact that you should now make the rooms appear larger. Placing mirrors on free walls or even ceilings will make your home look even more spacious than you have made it.

6. Staircase Makeover

Stair remodel doesn’t only change the look of your home interior but when done right it can also increase your property value. So if you decide to go for a staircase makeover, make sure you do it right from the start. Of course, you have to research first, fortunately it’s relatively easy to discover a lot of staircase ideas that can turn into a nice project to add to your house renovation or act as a standalone project. It’s important to know that stairs are not just conduits between different areas of the house but they play a major role in the look and feel of your home.

7. Transform Nooks and Crannies

One of the most inspiring architectural trends of the small home design is transforming each and every nook and cranny of the house. Turning the cupboard under the stairs into a tiny office or workspace where you can store all your paperwork and avoid unnecessary clutter, or covering up a cracked wall with a pegboard. Taking advantage of nooks and crannies means you can utilize and customize spaces that would have gone to waste. Make your own coffee bar or a compact library. You create bonus storage, have more opportunities for decorating, and could possibly create more seating room.

There’s nothing to hold you back from basking in the glory of each room in your dream home. With the aforementioned architectural ideas, you can use any of the 6 to transform your home into a comfortable, spacious, functional, and efficient living space for you and your loved ones to enjoy.


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