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Gambling is a form of entertainment and most people remain in control and see it as a fun hobby that makes a pleasant change from the usual leisure activities people participate in. There are those punters however who would like to make some money out of their hobby or even take it up on a more serious level and for these punters, winning is everything. There are those who see themselves as serious slots players at and for these punters knowledge is power.

What Punters Need To Know About Slots

There are some gamblers who have developed approaches that they put into action to try and beat slots. These punters tend to have in depth knowledge of how modern digital online slots work. The first thing worth noting is that all gambling games give the house an edge over punters. Slots give the highest house edge of all gambling games and this is why there are so many of them at online casinos. Slots are the major moneymakers for online casinos and the revenue they take from slots keeps most virtual casinos in business. Despite the odds being against the punter, players do often win.

This is because the RNG or Random Number Generator is behind each slot spin. This is basically a computer microchip that constantly churns out number sequences that are turned into spins and this helps create random non-bias spins across an entire casino platform.


RTP stands for Return To Player percentage and each slot has its own unique RTP score. RTP scores are worked out over a period of hundreds of thousands of spins. Low RTP slots tend to pay out less. These low RTP slots can be hard to stick with, because you can literally go through hundreds of spins and not hit a single win or bonus round trigger. However, when these high volatility slots pay out, they can do so handsomely and this can quickly help punters recoup their losses and turn a tidy profit on top as well. Low RTP slots tend to be risky and high rollers who can afford to ride out the hundreds of dead spins do play these for the sudden winning sprees that can develop within these slots.

However, most serious slots players choose to invest in high RTP slots and these have a much better pay out rate than low RTP slots. High RTP slots can be profitable because they return a large percentage of punter’s staking money back to them over a large number of spins. Slots with RTP scores of 96% or higher are well worth investing in if you want to make some money out of an enjoyable pastime.

Final Thoughts

Slots will always have an edge over punters because this is how they have been designed and playing high RTP slots does not guarantee that you will win. However, high RTP slots do give you the best chance of winning some cash and beating online slots, as well as the odds that are stacked against you.


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