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“The sun is shining, the weather is sweet” sang Bob Marley once back in 1971.
Summer 2021 is certainly shaping up to be a hot one and after the heatwave experienced last year, I think lots of us are keeping everything crossed for a repeat performance.

Like many other members of the general public at the moment, you may be already planning various ways to have a great summer now restrictions and lockdown are easing. Officially a staycation seems to be the new vacation in these covid times.

This article asks what are the essential ingredients to the great British summer and how do we ensure the age-old traditions stay alive?


There’s only one way us Brits like to do al-fresco eating and it’s got to be the legendary picnic. All you need is a checked blanket, a few sandwiches maybe even a glass of Pimms or two and you can fully embrace this familiar tradition. Don’t forget your flask so you can relax with a British favourite: the mighty cuppa!


Nothing says British summer like Wimbledon served with lashings of strawberries and cream. We might not be able to guarantee the weather but we can ensure tennis is on the TV and the nation is cheering it on with gusto.

Seaside trip

The best type of summer day out is the British seaside excursion. Grab your buckets and spades, explore the rockpools and spend some coppers in the amusements and you’re onto a winner. Just watch out for those pesky seagulls stealing your chips.

Summer fairs

The traditional summer fair is an institution and not one to be missed during summer season. Stalls such as the coconut shy, hook a duck and the liveliness of a Punch and Judy show. What’s not to love?

Beer gardens

There’s nowhere better to gather with your friends than a beer garden whether it’s to watch the football or just enjoy a refreshing drink after a summer stroll. The beer garden is just part of the summer season and that’s that.

Cheese rolling

This event is a massive deal in the area of Gloucester where the prize of catching the cheese is the ultimate accolade. Watching a crowd of people running/falling down a hill after a cheese is certainly an unusual way to spend a day. Perhaps it will eventually catch on throughout the rest of the country who knows, it’s definitely one of the more quirkier summer traditions.

Wild swimming

A new pastime that seems to have come out of lockdown is gathering to go swimming in lakes and rivers as well as having a dip in the sea. Life jackets and wetsuits are in high demand as more and more people give this activity a go.

The barbeque

Another great way to feed the crowd is the humble barbeque. Not only is it a cheap food option but barbeques are absolutely delicious, full of flavour and fresh ingredients when done properly and there’s always something everyone will like. Can anyone smell those sausages sizzling?


With the European cup finally on after a years covid delay, there is even more excitement from the fans. Summer and football matches go hand in hand in the UK. If your top hasn’t got three lions on it then you’re not wearing it.

I hope these pointers give you the lowdown on how to truly celebrate the type of summer that can only be made in Britain. Let’s make it one to remember.


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