air conditioning exterior unit

Cooling your home is exceptionally important. The hotter it gets outside the greater the need for the latest industrial air conditioning system. However, you also need to remember that this is a machine and it needs to be looked after properly. If you don’t it is likely to fail just when you need it the most.

1. Get It Serviced

The most obvious way to look after your air conditioning unit is to get the professionals to do most of the work for you. At least once a year you should get your local air conditioning specialist to service the system. That means checking all the parts are working properly and looking out for any signs of wear and tear.

A professional can spot an issue starting to develop and give you a warning, helping you to be prepared for future repairs.

2. Check The Fins

The fins are on the outside of the air conditioning unit. They are bunched together, allowing hot air through and cooling it as it goes. An issue with the fins means the air can’t get through properly and you’ll have less output as well as a struggle to cool any space.

The good news is you can straighten the fins with a simple kitchen knife. Insert it a little way into the unit but no further than ½ inch. You can then gently put pressure on the fins and bend them back into line, increasing airflow and reducing the likelihood of AC failure.

3. Clean & Change the Filters

The filters are an essential part of any air conditioning unit. They block dirt and debris from entering the unit. These can impede the operation of the machine and even cause it to overheat.

In contrast, the filters inside the house may remove pet dander and other air pollutants. If they aren’t kept clean they will no longer work efficiently. This will reduce the effectiveness of the machine and place additional stress on the other components.

4. Clean the Machine

As well as cleaning or changing the filters you should get your vacuum out and clean the accessible areas. Use a soft bristle brush and you‘ll get into all the nooks and crannies on your unit without damaging any of the components. It’s the perfect way to keep it running smoothly.

Once you’ve mastered the best way to clean your unit you’ll be able to do it quickly and efficiently every week.

5. Keep an Eye On the Pad

Most air conditioning units are situated outside the house and are likely sat on a small concrete slab. This protects it from the soil and helps to prevent it from sinking, especially when it has been there for a long time.

However, even the best-laid pad can succumb to sinking. You’ll want to keep your eye on the pad and the machine. Make sure the machine isn’t starting to sink and the pipes getting tight. If they are, you need to take action and reinforce the pad or replace it altogether.


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