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Life for an individual with disabilities is difficult, with standard tasks proving to be a tremendous challenge. Installing disabled access doors to your premises enables your business to provide an inclusive service for all. Many professional, commercial premises have improved access to their services as a result of automated access solutions. As well as creating a professional environment, automatic door entry systems can improve access to your home or business for people with a disability.

Benefits of Disabled Automatic Door Entry Systems

Automatic door entry systems are the perfect option for individuals with disabilities or mobility issues, enabling them to access your premises easily and independently. This installation will also alleviate the burden of yourself and your employees in helping individuals to access the premises. All businesses must abide by the country’s anti-discrimination laws, and so proactively installing such a great system ensures that your business is one step ahead in the fight to provide inclusivity. Further individuals will also benefit from the installation of automatic entry doors to improve access to your business, such as parents with a pram, delivery personnel carrying large packages, and shoppers who are carrying a range of bags with them.

Go Doors Disabled Door Systems

Go Doors Disabled Door Systems offer a vast range of automatic doors to meet your needs and the needs of your premises. You can assess the benefits of automatic systems suitable for business premises as well as those suitable for private homes, as well as door entrances, which are perfect for accessible toilets. Once you have decided what style of automatic door system you would like for your building, the team of experts at Go Doors will install your automatic doors at a time to suit you, taking care of every step of the installation in a proficient manner. The team will then take care of programming the system to meet your needs. Further access control systems can also be used alongside the implementation of your automatic doors, such as infra-red devices, intercom hardware, and actuation push buttons. A range of disability access solutions is available from Go Doors and the NDIS Assistive Technologies systems.

Installing Access

In order to install a disabled access door inside of your building, you will need a minimum width of 850mm, in addition to requiring accessible access on each of the entries to the door and the path of travel. You are free to explore a range of options, such as a sliding door or a swinging door, options that your professional door technician from Go Doors can assist you with. If you wish to install a disabled toilet door, a button plate must be fitted in line with the Building Code of Australia, a requirement that Go Doors will assist you with.


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