access control system

There are many types of businesses that need to be cautious about who they let into a building. Even so, access control is not just about keeping people out. Every business or office needs a way to monitor who is on the premises. It is something you need to know if, heaven forbid, there is an emergency. In an emergency situation it could be life saving knowing exactly where someone is. Although we hope you never have to use it, this just one benefit of access control system installation and there are several more.

The many benefits of access control technology include the following:

Working within certain areas

In a workplace with numerous departments, not all data is to be readily shared with all employees and the workforce. For instance, the HR Department has information that should not be made public and thus, access to their cabins is controlled. Inevitably, there will be areas to keep out of bounds to the public or restricted for use by specific staff.

Not Easily Manipulated

If there is a general lock-and-key system, any regular key could have been duplicated and used for illegal or fraudulent purposes. No one wants to believe that a person could have bad intentions but if a card key is stolen or just lost that key can easily be blocked by the system. Systems send an alert if a keycard reported stolen is being used.

Save Investigation Costs

Keeping valuables in the office is stressful for you and your staff when there is no access control system. Apart from the fact that just anyone can walk in, without the system, if there is a theft attempt, it can be difficult to identify the culprit. With an access control system, if anything goes missing you will know who had access to any area and when. Data is easily stored on the computer system so you have a digital record of when each key card is used.

No Hassle

Businesses and firms with different branches give access by key card to all the appropriate locations. Employees don’t have to get separate cards made for each branch. This is far more convenient than traditional keys. The many members of a workforce would have to have multiple keys for different departments, rooms, buildings and branches. That makes for a lot of keys over which you have no direct control and this leaves your property vulnerable.

Helps Save Energy and Cost

These systems help cut energy costs by being easily incorporated into other systems for instance, integration with the HVAC system. This allows you to manage air conditioning, heating and lighting more efficiently using data about the frequency of an area’s use collected by the keycard entry system.

It’s Not Only About Doors

Control access features can be enhanced to control access to parking lots, gated areas and fences too. But this versatile entry system is not only about doors and locks. As humans we feel safer locked in. It’s why you can’t sleep without locking your front door last thing at night. If a workforce feels safe, they feel comfortable and secure enough to focus all their attention on their work. This makes your business more productive and feel a safe place to come to work.


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