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Last month I decided to pay a visit to my best friend Melissa. Her home town Wigan is quite far away from where I live. So it’s once or twice a year I visit her and just catch up. Besides, it was also her birthday. One unwritten rule we have always observed with Melissa is to always get time for each other no matter how busy we are. This is what has strengthened our friendship over the years.

I met Melissa 6 years ago where we were working as sales executive in the hotel industry. We immediately got along because not only were we working in the same department; we also loved to have our meals in the same restaurant. Soon our friendship blossomed and since then, we have done so much together. We both love to travel the world and sample different cultures. I have even lost count on the many road trips we have done together and ended up spending the night at a place we have never been to before. It was so much fun.

Melissa has made my life fun to live in. I always know someone is standing solidly behind me even when things are tough. I remember the darkest moment in my life when I lost my dad and Melissa took a two weeks leave from work just to spend time with me. I felt so humbled knowing that I have someone special I can always count on.

My travel and stay at Melissa’s place

It has been a culture to visit each other every year since Melissa moved to Wigan 3 years ago. So, it was the joy in me to see my bestie again made me dance like a little girl. Since she was also celebrating her 28th birthday, I knew it was going to be fire. I wanted to make her feel special, appreciated and much loved on her special day.

Melissa is a wine lover. She believes a celebration is not complete without a toast. Hence, I decided to get some two lovely wine glasses so that we can toast for a long-lasting friendship while enjoying a glass of wine together. I also got some two BFF pocket t-shirts for memorable photo sessions. We both love bright colours and I knew Melissa will definitely love the colour I chose, white of course.

I packed the gifts nicely and put them inside the suitcase together with my stuff and I was ready to hit the road the next morning. I’m an early riser and by 6 am I was already up. I decided to use my car so that I can enjoy the beautiful views on the roadside since it’s been a while since I passed via that route.

The journey seemed shorter than I expected. After the usual greetings and catching up with her, we decided to have lunch at my favourite restaurant. This is where we usually have our meals every time I visit Melissa. We agreed after lunch she will take me to the house so that we can freshen up and relax to gain enough momentum to enjoy the nightlife. It’s long since I went out and this sounded like a great idea to start the long weekend. You see, Monday was a public holiday and so we knew there was enough time to enjoy ourselves.

Melissa has a flamboyant personality and her home reflects exactly that. She immediately showed me to the guest room and that’s when she realized she has not been there for a while. The old bed in the guest room looked so tired to give anyone a goodnight’s sleep. Melissa decided it was time to replace the bed with a new one. We immediately started looking for beds in Wigan and we were not disappointed. What impressed me the most is the way the stores and furniture warehouses offer a board range of different options and bed styles. The prices are also affordable. It would be extremely hard not to get your ideal perfect bed. That’s why within a span of two hour search, we had already settled for this sweet divan bed. The bed could not be delivered the same day because we ordered late and so I had to spend the night on the couch. The bed was delivered the following day and we fell in love with it instantly. I was even looking forward to the night just to lay my body on that comfy bed. However, before the night came, it was the day to celebrate my best friend’s birthday.

Melissa’s birthday tour

After the bed was delivered around 10 am the following day, we had nothing else to do in the house and it was time to go out and have fun. That’s when I gave Melissa her t-shirt and she was super excited to see we are twinning on her birthday. We rocked on our t-shirts and blue rugged jeans and headed to a mini road trip. We wanted to get out of town and explore a new place. We took several memorable photos on the way and we finally settled for the beach. The bright sun and the soft wind made it a perfect day to spend at the beach. We had our meals in one of the restaurants and later on enjoyed a couple of drinks.

We also decided to go on a shopping spree to spoil the birthday girl. I can’t remember the last time we went for some shopping together. No wonder it was this fun. We planned to make super in the house and so we passed at the grocery and bought what we needed on our way home. I’m a good cook and Melissa can’t beat me on that. We enjoyed our meals together and later surprised her yet again with the wine glasses. We sipped our wine as we enjoyed a movie before retiring to bed. It was time to sample Melissa’s new bed in the guest room. It was perfect and I indeed enjoyed my sleep. For the two nights I slept on it made me convinced that it’s exactly what I need in my bedroom.

Time to go back

Melissa’s birthday gave us a chance to enjoy the things we love doing together. It was a weekend well spent and nothing to regret about. I come back home fresh and energetic. I can’t wait for the next meeting.


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