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KitKat is a world-famous chocolate bar originally from the United Kingdom, but it is in Japan where the flavors have numbered to over two hundred, including regional and seasonal varieties. This sheer number sure says a lot about the country’s obsession with the wafer-crisp chocolate.

As with anything from Japan, KitKat snacks come in visually appealing packaging. You know you just have to get a box of this yummy goodness for your friends, coworkers, or loved ones. However, with a sea of KitKat flavors out there, which one will appeal to the recipient’s taste?

Buying KitKat for Everyone

Japanese KitKat has understandably taken the spotlight because they have been notoriously fun and quirky with all the varieties that range from exotic to classic. Of course, KitKat from all other parts of the world also bring forward their take on the beloved snack.

Being chocolate, KitKat always has a place in any gift-giving occasion, like Valentine’s and trips from overseas. Thanks to Japanese candy box subscriptions, it’s convenient and easy to shop for your favorite flavors, especially those hard-to-find ones, with just a few clicks. Not only that, you can buy other rare snacks in one crate. Here’s an ultimate guide on their candies if you’re curious.

And if you are thinking of surprising your folks with chocolates they haven’t tried, now’s the best time to look into this list of KitKat flavors, which you can match with everyone’s personalities.

A Taste of Green Tea

For the friend who likes iced green-tea latte

Matcha has emerged as one of the most popular variants of KitKat from Japan. It’s so popular that Nestlé is bringing this green-tea flavor to Europe, according to Forbes.

And that’s not all. The matcha flavor has its spectrum of variants that appeal to varying levels of taste or sweetness. About ten Kitkat matcha varieties have been made, with Uji Matcha as the first-ever produced (made from Uji green tea). KitKat matcha, or other flavors for that matter, has variations made especially for adults (Otona no Amasa).

Omiyage, Anyone?

For the Japanophile member of the family

Let your sibling taste local Japanese delicacies. KitKat takes on the sweet-potato flavor from Okinawa, the famed wasabi from Shizuoka and Kanto, and the Kobe pudding that is a must-buy dessert in the region.

Your sister or brother can munch happily on all-Japan food souvenirs featuring strawberry cheesecake in Mt. Fuji–shaped package and finish it off with Japanese sake–flavored KitKat, of course.

Just Desserts

For that special someone whom you want to share the sweetness of desserts and chocolates

Your crush or lover can pair any of these KitKat flavors with a cup of coffee or tea.

  • Rum Raisin is a gelato staple blended with white chocolate.
  • Tiramisu-mascarpone and espresso come together for this chocolate wafer, all the way from Canada.
  • Strawberry Tiramisu is a limited-edition KitKat flavor, the product of a competition to commemorate the forty-fifth anniversary of KitKat in Japan.
  • Onsen Manju refers to the steamed buns with red-bean paste usually served in hot springs-and now in KitKat’s light-brown wafers.


Fruits of the Earth

For the friend who loves fruits in his or her chocolate

Your friend will get a kick out of the sweetness, tanginess, and all things fruity in these flavors.

  • Cranberry and Almond mean everyday luxury for anyone who takes on this KitKat flavor. This variant comes in a single bar of chocolate with real almonds and cranberries.
  • Iyokan features Japan’s version of Mandarin orange – a citrus fruit that is sweet, tangy, and slightly bitter than most oranges.
  • Shinsu Apple takes you to Nagano (once known as Shinsu) for a taste of sweet apples. Incidentally, the Shinsu Apple flavor is also one of the local KitKat variants.
  • Banana Easter is what it is, a KitKat that taste and smell like sweet banana. As to why “Easter,” maybe the bunny on its wrapper can answer. This variant is different from the Tokyo Banana flavor, which has an engraved banana on the bar.
  • Strawberry is one of the more common varieties of Japanese KitKat. There’s another creamy strawberry variety from California (called Flavor of California).


Say It with Flowers

For the coworker who can’t get enough of cherry blossoms

Sakura Kinako combines the world-famous cherry blossoms and roasted soybeans. The result is a chocolate bar that looks and smells like kinako and contains hints of salty sakura flavor.

This flavor is just among the many varieties inspired by sakura that Japan KitKat releases now and then to celebrate spring. One variant has cherry blossoms with green tea (Sakura Matcha).

With hundreds of KitKat flavors around the world, this won’t be the last time you’ll hear of this chocolate snack. Who knows, it might just carry your favorite exotic fruit or vegetable (there are pumpkin KitKat somewhere). What’s the craziest KitKat flavor you have tried? Spill the beans in the comment section.


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