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A hair transplant is a surgical method to restore lost hair by moving healthy follicular units to an area with a lack of them. The causes of alopecia or hair loss are often associated with genetic inheritance but hair can also fall out due to chronic diseases, cellular nutrition disorders, and infectious lesions of the hair follicles.

Experts promise that 98% of the transplanted grafts will grow like normal hair. Typically, The clinic gives a guarantee for hair growth, provided that you comply with all the requirements that are in the instructions.

Notice that hair transplantation cannot be done for people with infectious lesions of the head, blood pathologies, diabetes mellitus, oncology, pregnancy and lactation period, intolerance to procedural drugs.

What type of hair transplant to choose?

Modern hair transplantation world provides lots of solutions for both men and women of any race — FUE, mini-FUE, Sapphire FUE, DHI, robotic, FUT, Organic, Afro, unshaved, etc.

  • FUE — Follicular Unit Extraction — the classic and most popular method when the grafts (several follicles) are taken from the donor area for their further transplant. The extraction is carried out using a scarless method manually or with a special machine.
  • Sapphire FUE — this is a classic method performed by a sapphire tip to open canals for transplant, which allows transplanting larger numbers of hair follicles in one session, healing much faster and leaving fewer marks.
  • DHI — Direct Hair Implant — the method to extract the hair follicles individually and immediately transfer them to the balding area with CHOI pen — a micromotor to increase workload, avoid fatigue, and save work time.
  • Robotic — the transplant performed by the ARTAS robot — the only robot in the world that detects the strongest hair follicles and collects them, and then prepares the area for hair transplantation. Thus, it unloads physicians of difficult and long hours of work and provides the procedure with speed and precision that will never be achievable by the human hand.

Doctors do not recommend transplanting someone else’s hair or synthetic analogs. Other people’s hair is rejected by the body, like everything foreign, and synthetic hair is easier to transplant, and much more difficult to care for.

Where to go?

Today Turkey and Istanbul in particular are considered the capital of hair transplants all over the world. Tens of thousands of people come here every year from all over the world to make the dream come true and regain a luxurious head of hair or to transplant hair into a beard.

This did not happen by chance, medical tourism is one of the priority areas for the government of the Republic of Turkey, huge funds are being poured into it (according to Medical Tourism Magazine, 30 billion dollars have been invested recently), which makes it possible to improve the quality of services provided, to attract a huge number of patients and provide affordable prices.

Hair transplant doctors in Turkey are trained in Europe and the USA, participate in studies and international conferences.

The reason why Turkish hospitals are so popular with foreigners is the high quality of medicine confirmed by international certificates and affordable prices.

According to, the top 3 centers for a hair transplant are Adem and Havva Medical Center, Smile Hair Clinic, Istanbul Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Center (all located in Istanbul).

What about prices?

  • FUE. The average price is $3,250, the minimum is $1,000, and the maximum is $11,000 depending on the country, clinic, and the doctor’s experience. In Turkey, you may find an all-inclusive package with accommodation and transfer for $1,600-$2,700.
  • DHI. The average price of the DHI hair transplant is $2.850. In Turkey, there are package offers between $1,700 and $3,395 — the procedure and additional services included.
  • Robotic. The price varies between $6,000 and $19,500. The robot can be found in Polish, Spanish, German clinics.

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