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Running a household is no simple feat – moms often have to keep everyone’s schedules cohesive and do it all on a budget. Saving money can seem infinitely more difficult when you have a family to support, but with the right mindset and appropriate tools it’s not only achievable, but it can have positive lasting impacts.

Let’s dive into the mother’s guide to saving on monthly expenses.

Take Your Shopping Lists Digital

The list of expenses when you’re balancing a family is continuously growing. It can feel overwhelming to manage every expense manually, which is why mobile apps have become increasingly popular. Clipping coupons or printing them from a computer used to be the primary way families would save money every month – now it’s all about the digital approach.

To offer more convenience and save both time and money, there are innovative coupon-based apps available to help you reduce your grocery bill and streamline your money-saving strategies.

Find the Free in Freedom

Keeping children entertained can take a lot of energy out of mothers, and can often take a lot out of their wallets. There are more options than we realize that can entertain families without adding to the monthly budget. If your kids love to read, take them to your local library and let them pick out as many books as they can carry.

For families that love being outdoors, plan a nature walk or a beach day when its warm and a tobogganing adventure if you get snow in the winter months. When the weather doesn’t allow outdoor activities, get creative – plan a scavenger hunt inside or an arts and crafts project.

Try the Envelope System

The envelope system was designed to help budgeters refrain from using their credit or debit cards – it’s an overspending prevention tool that requires withdrawing your spending money from your account and separating into envelopes. Each envelope is then labeled for its specific expense.

If you previously found yourself using your plastic without tracking your spending, you may have noticed that you quickly went over budget. The envelope system can help you become more accountable for your spending – allowing you to make smarter decisions and offers more opportunities to increase your savings.

Switch to Streaming

Cable or satellite bills can easily run up your monthly bills. Streaming services have rapidly increased in popularity for this very reason – they offer quality content and a wider variety than most cable subscriptions, for a fraction of the monthly costs. With a variety of companies to choose from and kid-friendly programs available, families can take those savings and invest wherever they may need them.

Become a DIY Expert

Carving out the time to take on projects at home puts money back in your pocket – whether that’s through washing your own car, refurbishing your existing furniture, coloring your own hair, or making your own cleaning products. These cost-cutting solutions offer more financial freedom that you can then apply to areas your family needs the most.

Listen up, moms. If you’re ready for a change, try out a few of these tips and you’ll be on your way to financial freedom in no time.


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