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Recreational vehicles are the symbol of road trips. These houses that can drive on roads were extremely popular several decades ago. However, these days, RVs are less popular due to a large number of cons.

Firstly, the gas price has increased significantly for the past decades, and RVs eat up a lot of fuel. Secondly, they are huge. They cannot be used for rushing around the city and need a lot of storage space.

Therefore, those who like spontaneous adventures cannot afford RVs and choose other ways of traveling by car. Down below, we’ll review the best alternatives to recreation vehicles.

SUV or Van

For sure, SUVs or Vans cannot compete with RVs. They don’t have a lot of living space. Also, it’s not comfortable to cook or take a shower in these types of cars. However, they are still very spacious inside, especially Vans. These vehicles can provide a convenient driving experience for everyone. Also, they can carry a lot of essentials and camping gear.

An SUV or a Van is a great alternative for a family of two who likes traveling by car. These cars are cheaper than RVs and can be used every day. They also can be parked elsewhere with no hassle.

Moreover, there is enough space for convenient sleeping inside SUVs and Vans. Thereupon, you can make a stop in a marvelous place and rest inside your car. A large amount of space allows carrying enough water for cooking and washing.


Using a tent is probably the best alternative to RVs, and here is why. In most cases, all RVs’ benefits like spacious beds or cooking areas aren’t used during driving. People spend their time sitting in seats and look through windows. Travelers start utilizing all the perks of recreation vehicles only when they park their RVs.

Well, a tent can bring you the same traveling experience. However, it is much cheaper and takes less space. A tent can fit half of a car’s truck. Being installed, it turns into a small room with plenty of space inside.

Some models are very large and can provide living space for a dozen people. Anyway, the most popular model of tents is designed for two people only. Tents that are installed on a car’s racks are the safest and most convenient ones. The best rooftop tents keep people secured from animals and don’t need a plain surface. Also, it can be installed in less than 10 minutes.

If you decide to have a rooftop tent journey, don’t forget to bring camping chairs and wood to make a fire and enjoy the sunset. You’ll also be able to make some tea, prepare food, and get warmed with open fire.

Mountable Camper

Having a mountable truck camper can be the best solution for traveling by car. They are not expensive and can be easily installed. Therefore, you can turn your truck into a vehicle for comfortable ground trips with no hassle.

After installing it, you will get enough space for sleeping and storing all the essentials. Moreover, a camper can also provide enough space for passing the time and eating inside. Spare space in a room is required if it is raining.

Most models of campers are designed for the comfortable living of two people. Therefore, you won’t be able to bring a large company with you. In case your car’s model is other than a truck, this solution is not for you. Even though there are some mountable campers for other vehicles, they are not convenient for long road trips.

Tow-Behind Trailer

In case you don’t want to compromise, looking for an alternative to an RV, check out tow-behind trailers. It is a comprehensive solution that can bring you a lot of living space and facilities for convenient camping. It delivers the closest RV-traveling experience.

Tow-behind trailers are cheaper and easier to maintain. Also, you can always detach it from your car and drive wherever you need. There are a lot of different styles and sizes of trailers so that you can easily choose one that fits all your needs.

Remember, it’s not easy to drive tow-behind trailers. Therefore, you need to have trailer driving skills along with a license that allows towing with a car.

Tips for Road Trips Lovers

Do you want your next road trip to be stress-free? If so, remember some tips that will help you enhance your trip. Firstly, buy a GPS. Sure, mobile apps for navigation are almost perfect these days. However, they are not accurate, especially when there is no cellular connection. You always need to have a reliable GPS to find a way home. You may check this best vehicle that could be a good fit for a road trip.

Secondly, newer let the gas indicator reach the E sign. Build a habit to fill gas when half of the tank is empty. Thirdly, always bring a lot of water. It’s the primary source that people need. A lack of water will not benefit your trip.


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