Woman removing lamp from moving box at new house

Moving into a new place can be really exciting, but the moving process is a huge and draining one. Once the heavy lifting is done, all most of us want is to be able to settle into our new homes as quickly as we can – but even this can take a little effort.

You’ll likely have boxes scattered around for at least a few days, and finding all your possessions might prove difficult. Getting back to normal and feeling comfortable could take a while, but here are a few tips to speed up the process and have you feeling at home ASAP.

Get to Know the Area

First of all, your surroundings will play a larger role than you think. Especially if you’ve moved into a new city or even a new country, then the anxiety of not knowing what’s around you can prove to be quite an obstacle.

Before even moving, do some research on the area and get to know what makes a place special. For example, Florida real estate is popular amongst young couples due to the gorgeous weather and countless recreational activities for people of all sorts and ages. Once you’re there, be sure to spend some time driving around, finding fun spots and familiarising yourself.

Make it Spick and Span

Cleaning your home and possessions when you move into a new place is important. It’s a job that should start while you’re still packing up your old home, and will only end once your furniture is all in.

Make sure that you get into your new home a few hours before the moving truck arrives. This will give you the opportunity to clean everything from top to bottom easily, without any furniture or smaller items getting in the way. Use this opportunity to make sure you feel happy, comfortable and clean in the space before you get all your stuff inside.

Get Organised

Living out of boxes and suitcases is no fun. Organising key areas of your home will help to make things more liveable for you and your family. For example, sorting out areas like your wardrobe and your pantry will make it easier to start living normally and carrying out day-to-day activities.

Try to pick one area or category of items at a time to sort through and get organised – having a system always helps!

Sort Out Your Personal Space First

Finally, if you want to feel settled and comfortable, try to prioritise fully organising your own personal space first. This will differ from person to person. For example, if cooking nutritious homemade meals is an important part of your life, then unpacking the kitchen as soon as possible will be crucial. This will make it easier for you to get back into your habits and routines as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, if you need your bedroom space to be clean and tidy in order to unwind and rest well, this will be your number one priority when unpacking.


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