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The number 13 has always been linked to bad luck. People still consider it unlucky when you have 13 friends at a dinner party. Besides, a lot of buildings do not have a 13th floor.

Remember Friday the 13th? It is one of those dreaded days. Besides, most people actually avoid getting married, purchasing a house, or making any serious commitments on a day marked by this unlucky number.

People planning a wedding date will intentionally skip the 13th day of the month. Most cultures avoid this number as it is considered to bring the new couple bad luck. However, in Jewish traditions, this number is a symbol of the bonding of many people into one, which makes it the best day for a couple to celebrate their love.

Are you about to get into your 13th year of marriage? Are you concerned whether this will be a lucky or an unlucky year?

Should you be scared of the number? Is 13 really unlucky and is there any statistical proof to back this superstition? Well, you’re about to find it out in this article.

Reasons Why 13 Is Considered to Be an Unlucky Number

First things first, no data is in existence, and will ever prove that this number is unlucky. This is according to an Igor Radon who works at the University of Helsinki’s Institute of Behavioral Sciences.

There is no particular reason to believe that a number would either be lucky or unlucky. While he may be right, there are several bits of scientists’ studies that have given superstitious people a little more causes for concern, even though the scientists who conducted the work were not really alarmed by their findings.

The primary study that determined that 13 is an unlucky number was conducted in 1993. According to the BBC, it was posted in the British Medical Journal, where three researchers analyzed the flow of traffic and the number of car accidents on a London Motorway. This was during the five months where the 13th was on Fridays between 1990 and 1992.

After comparing the numbers to the data taken on the 6th and 13th, probably a result of superstitious folk preferring not to drive on this particular day, the researchers suggested the following. The risk of being admitted at the hospital as a result of an accident may rise by as high as 52% on Friday the 13th.

However, this study was not supposed to be taken seriously, as it was just a fun article. Still, people took it seriously and still consider Friday the 13th an unlucky day. There are other reasons why people believe 13 is an unlucky number.

The Last Supper

There were 13 people during the last supper. Besides, tradition held that the 13th person taking the seat was either Jesus or Judas. Also, it is believed that the crucifixion or last supper happened on the 13th.

This is one of the most significant controversies surrounding the Last Supper, with people wondering whether or not it was a Passover meal. According to the book of John, the meal was just a day before Passover, leading some scholars to date this day to the 13th of Nisan (that is, a month on the Jewish calendar). However, others believe that crucifixion happened on the 13th of Nisan.

References in the Bible to the Number 13 Aren’t That Good

According to Vincent Foster Hopper, a historian, among the people who really advocated for 13 to be an unlucky number was a numerologist from the 16th century known as Petrus Bungus. Which reasons did he support? Well, Bungus recorded that the Jews murmured thirteen times against the Lord in the exodus to Canaan, that the 13th Psalm concerns corruption and wickedness, and that the circumcision of Israel happened in the 13th year.

There Were Traditionally 13 Steps to the Gallows

Enough of Bible references. According to common lore, 13 steps lead up to the gallows. Gallows actually differ wildly. Still, even then, this number was brought up to 13. It was even once said by a park ranger at Fort Smith Historic Site that there were thirteen steps on the gallows, with 1 down and 12 up.

The Knights Templar Was Arrested and Executed Staying Friday, the 13th

According to, the Knights Templar was mainly known to protect the Holy Grail, as well as other holy items, and acted as a bank for European kings. However, Philip IV, the French king, lost the war against England, and owed a lot to the knights. Then, he liaised with Pope Clement V to have the members of the Templar arrested and charged with Satanism among other crimes, and killed. This started on October 13, 1307.

Still, there are so many other factors that have led to thirteen being thought of as unlucky, with even businesses choosing not to do any deals on this day since they believe that Friday the 13th day is a costly day for business. According to the Business Insider, approximately a billion dollars a year are lost, preventing people from transacting on this day.

What Does 13 Mean for Marriage?

No proof or statistics indicates whether the 13th year of marriage is unlucky or not. There is no research proving people were unluckier or luckier in their 13th year of marriage. This superstition has no effect whatsoever on how the 13th year of marriage turns out.

So, this year of marriage isn’t necessarily lucky or unlucky. It’s what you make it. Here are several things that should make for your marriage to still thrive in its 13th year.

Having Good Role Models

Who is it that you look up to? Is it your parents, siblings, or friends? Are they happy in their marriage? They most likely will have tips to keep you going in your marriage.


Marriage is a lot of hard work. It has nothing to do with luck. Despite having arguments about minor or major things, you will still find a way to make things work, and not stress over stuff.


By your 13th year, you know that luck plays no factor in the relationship. As long as you maintain interests and friends of your own, then you’re good to go. As much as you spend time together, enjoying your own space is crucial too.


You should still have the attraction/love that you had for each other in your first year of acquaintance if you expect your marriage to keep thriving. This will determine how lucky or unlucky your 13th year of marriage is. This is despite the fact that you’re not the same people that you were years ago, both physically and mentally.

The Concept of Luck in the 13th Year of Marriage

To sum it up, the number 13 has nothing to do with whether your 13th year of marriage is lucky or unlucky. This is just a superstition that you need not take seriously.

Even if you’re really superstitious, you know that hard work, tolerance, compassion, among other factors will determine the way your 13th year of marriage will last. Still, just to make sure everything will go smoothly, don’t forget to get your partner a gift to celebrate your 13th marriage anniversary. Check out this awesome buyer’s gift guide from GiftWits to get inspired and make your partner happy.


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